The Farms

Live, Laugh, Farm
— Pink Tractor
White Sonoran Wheat is a heritage grain brought to the desert southwest in the 1600's by the missionaries for the Native Americans to cultivate. Fallen out of favor to the higher yielding hybrid wheat, Janna Anderson of Pinnacle Farms grows it organically to preserve diversity and to help keep these drought tolerant varieties alive for the future of desert farming.


Pinnacle Farms grows using high standards which address many growing techniques including soil fertility, cover crops, crop rotation and focuses on the use of renewable resources and sustainable practices for the health of the future generations.  All the farms are pesticide free and use only natural techniques including Integrated Pest Management and lure crops. 

Pinnacle Farms is divided into 5 parts and all use sustainable practices. All of the farms are also GAP certified for food safety standards and I am ready to meet the needs of wholesale accounts. Email for more info or to get the weekly availability veggie list.